Raff,-,Grass,x,Luau,arvinlp.ir,29in,King,Table,Skirt,$9,Luau,Skirt,9ft,/apicilar434306.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Table,| Raff,-,Grass,x,Luau,arvinlp.ir,29in,King,Table,Skirt,$9,Luau,Skirt,9ft,/apicilar434306.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Table,| King Luau Deluxe Grass Table Skirt Raff 9ft x - 29in King Luau Deluxe Grass Table Skirt Raff 9ft x - 29in $9 King Luau Grass Table Skirt - 9ft x 29in Luau Table Skirt | Raff Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $9 King Luau Grass Table Skirt - 9ft x 29in Luau Table Skirt | Raff Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

King Luau Deluxe Grass Table Skirt Raff 9ft x shop - 29in

King Luau Grass Table Skirt - 9ft x 29in Luau Table Skirt | Raff


King Luau Grass Table Skirt - 9ft x 29in Luau Table Skirt | Raff


Product Description

King Luau Hawaiian Table Skirt

Vibrant and Colorful

Perfect for any occasion, our King Luau Hawaiian Table Skirt is both vibrant and eye catching. By providing the best quality with floral and rafia style fringe design, our grass table skirt is the best decoration available for your next event.

Quality - No Shed, No Odor

Made to the highest quality materials and standards, our luau party decoration hawaiian table skirt is no shed and no odor. Your luau party will be a breeze with our durable margaritaville style table skirt, leaving no mess afterwards. We strive for your satisfaction with our party decorations!

Professionally Packaged and Designed

No better finishing touch for your next Tiki, Luau, or Moana themed event. Celebrate graduations, birthdays, beach or pool parties with our colorful grass table skirt. Don’t worry about tangles either as our professionally packaged table skirt is sure not to disappoint with its included adhesives and velcrow endings.

Perfect for Decorating Standard Size Tables

At 9ft in length and 29in in width, our party decoration can be used to wrap perfectly around a 9ft perimeter table. Not to mention, our grass skirt can be used in a variety of ways as parade car decorations, photo booth back drops, and even as costume decorations by the most creative among us.

Our King Luau raffia style Hawaiian themed table skirt is perfect for almost any setting and will ensure that your party is the talk of the town!

"Leis Luau!"

King Luau Grass Table Skirt - 9ft x 29in Luau Table Skirt | Raff

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