2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Inch 9.4 Server Set Stainles half $8,9.4,2,Spaghetti,/casquetel434734.html,Stainles,Set,,Stainless,Steel,arvinlp.ir,Inch,Server,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Pieces $8 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server Set, 9.4 Inch Stainles Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $8 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server Set, 9.4 Inch Stainles Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $8,9.4,2,Spaghetti,/casquetel434734.html,Stainles,Set,,Stainless,Steel,arvinlp.ir,Inch,Server,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Pieces 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Inch 9.4 Server Set Stainles half

2 Pieces Stainless Steel Now on sale Spaghetti Inch 9.4 Server Set Stainles half

2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server Set, 9.4 Inch Stainles


2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server Set, 9.4 Inch Stainles

Product description

2 Pieces stainless steel spaghetti server set, 9.4 inch stainless steel spaghetti pasta tong, 13.6 inch pasta spoon server fork, heat resistant serving tong spoon for noodles pasta baking cooking


Suitable for:
The spaghetti server spoon fork and spaghetti tong clip are ideal for serving pasta, spaghetti, noodles, they can help you quickly pick up noodles and scoop more pasta, which are practical tools for parties, dinner, afternoon tea, wedding celebrations or daily use for home, hotel and restaurant.

Convenient to use:
The stainless steel spaghetti server set is multi-functional, featuring teethed head design which allows you to pick up noodles and spaghetti easily and securely without any of it falling onto floor. Long enough handle can also efficiently prevent burns to your hands when cooking pasta. In addition, smooth in surface and stainless steel structure makes it easy to clean and maintain, which are good helpers for your home kitchen.

Material: stainless steel
Pasta fork: approx. 34.5 x 7.9 cm/ 13.6 x 3.1 inches
Pasta tong: approx. 24 x 3.8 cm/ 9.4 x 1.5 inches

Package contents:
1 x Stainless steel spaghetti pasta fork
1 x Stainless steel spaghetti pasta tong

Warm Notice:
Please read the size information carefully before buying.
Dimensions are measured manually, please allow slight errors.
Wash with warm soapy water after use, wipe off moisture and place in a dry place.

2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server Set, 9.4 Inch Stainles

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