$12,Chewable,,arvinlp.ir,Mozi-Q,30,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Q,MOZI,CT,/creatorrhea434810.html $12 MOZI Q Mozi-Q Chewable, 30 CT Beauty Personal Care Personal Care $12,Chewable,,arvinlp.ir,Mozi-Q,30,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,Q,MOZI,CT,/creatorrhea434810.html MOZI Q Mozi-Q 30 Chewable free shipping CT $12 MOZI Q Mozi-Q Chewable, 30 CT Beauty Personal Care Personal Care MOZI Q Mozi-Q 30 Chewable free shipping CT

MOZI Q Mozi-Q Sacramento Mall 30 Chewable free shipping CT

MOZI Q Mozi-Q Chewable, 30 CT


MOZI Q Mozi-Q Chewable, 30 CT

Product description

Mozi-Q Tablets are all natural homeopathic chewable tablets that help to keep the bugs away from you! Mozi-q is a formula containing five homeopathic remedies: Staphysagria, Ledum palustre, Urtica urens, Cedron and Grindelia. They are in low C and D potencies, thereby acting at the physical level for their common indication, to reduce the frequency and severity of insect bites. This product is safe and there are no interactions with medications or other treatments or preventative measures for bug bites. Homeopathic remedies are by definition non-toxic.

MOZI Q Mozi-Q Chewable, 30 CT

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